Is there really a remedy for gout that works? Yes, however you should know that a cure for gout has yet to be discovered. Although, if you are serious about your health and try various home remedies for gout, you may never have to deal with another attack again!

And you can do this by flushing the uric acid from your body!

Fact! Did you know that acute attacks are caused when uric acid is not flushed from your body? The uric acid will settle in a joint (most likely the big toe) and form crystals which are the cause behind the pain you are dealing with.

Unfortunately, most people opt to use prescription pain killers to treat the pain but do nothing about the joint or the uric acid. More unfortunately, people can do extreme damage to the joint and sometimes completely disfigure the toe.

If you have been taking pain killers to treat your gout, please understand that it is only a matter of time before the pain becomes worse. There are numerous ways to treat your problem and eliminate gout attacks from ruining your life.

Gout – What Your Doctors Didn’t Tell You?

Medications and prescriptions are the blood line for hospitals. Each year hospitals send trillions of dollars over to prescription companies. Doctors who have been taught in traditional medical schools sometimes know very little about natural health and remedies.

Unfortunately, the patients are the victims because of this. In the case of gout, simple home remedies are the best treatment because they work to flush the uric acid that is causing the pain and attacks. Traditional prescriptions usually work to relieve the pain and that is it!

Therefore, your doctor is correct when he tells you that you should drink plenty of fluids to keep the uric acid in your blood flushed. But there are numerous other ways you can keep attacks to a minimum to almost nonexistent.

Here is the scoop on what doctors forget to mention about this painful type of arthritis.

Home Remedies for Gout – How to Cure Gout from Home

Most likely you have already had a uric acid level blood test from the doctor. He or she will usually let you know the severity of your uric acid levels. In the meantime, here are some suggestions that most natural health doctors will recommend to you.

There are four stages of gout and it is helpful to know what stage you fall into. Whatever the case, if you are disciplined about your diet and lifestyle, you may be able to reduce the attacks greatly. Obviously, the earlier you catch it, the more likely you will be able to treat it.

The best treatment is one that alleviates the pain of acute attacks, prevents future attacks or lessens their intensity and helps circumvent the creation of tophi or kidney stones. It is our goal to help you do all three of these with these simple suggestions.

1. Research everywhere shows that many sufferers are deficient of certain core vitamins. We have narrowed down three key vitamins that are absolutely critical to your health. You should begin to supplement vitamins A, B5, and E immediately. These specific three vitamins should be a daily supplement.

2. Cherries! In the 1950s, a doctor named Ludwig Blau stated that he found the cure for gout with cherries. The doctor said that eating 6 to 8 cherries a day would alleviate any pain caused by gout. More recent research has shown that cherries contain anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties and work in the same way that some pain killers do (but naturally). Finally, additional research has shown that cherries quickly lower the uric acid levels in the blood stream. We recommend a cherry run to your local grocery store.

3. If cherries are not your favorite. You may also use strawberries or blueberries during an attack. We have found that one cup of strawberries or one-half a cup of blueberries can neutralize uric acid during an attack. They also contain anthocyanins.

4. Finally, another tip we always recommend is water. About 80% of people are not getting enough water each day. Are you one of them? If so, then you are putting yourself at a greater risk of gout. Water flushes the body and keeps uric acid levels low. We suggest drinking 12 glasses of water per day.

More Remedies for Gout

Here are 4 simple remedies you may want to try today! If you are serious about saying good-bye to gout forever, you may want to try our other 20+ remedies that have been researched and proven effective. Our website gives detailed information about our Gout Remedy Report that has helped thousands of sufferers.

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