This is a sample birthday speech that can be used for an 18th or 21st birthday.  It can easily be changed if it is someone other than the parent who is toasting the celebrant.

This sample speech is about 5 minutes in length which is the perfect length for a birthday speech.  Anything over five minutes will most likely bore your listeners. 

One should also take notice that the speech is lighthearted yet the speaker is not trying to be a stand up comedian.  Often inexperienced speakers will try too hard to be funny.  The result is offensive or inappropriate remarks.

If you are trying to poke some gentle fun at the celebrant focus on flaws such as being a shopaholic or being a sports nut.  In other words, choose a characteristic that is common and not perceived to be a major flaw.

Here’s your free birthday speech!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us this evening, the (enter year) 21st birthday of (name of birthday person).

I have been looking forward to this day ever since the moment that my daughter was born.  With each passing birthday, a couple of things come to mind.  First of all, it makes me feel old to see (name of birthday person) growing up so quickly.  However, I am quickly consoled in the fact that with each passing day, she is one day closer to getting off my payroll! I really don’t know what I will do with the money I will save from not being a part of (name of birthday person) wild spending habits.  My accountant says I may even save enough money to buy a small island!

On her (enter year) 21st birthday, I always remember holding (name of birthday person) in my hands as a baby, watching her take her first step and her first words.  Little did I know that she would mutter another 2.5 billion words over the course of the next (number of years). I remember her coming home terrified after her first day of school. I also have fond memories of her first prom in her graduation from (highschool/college).  Today feels like a natural progression.

Has she changed over the last (enter years) twenty one years?  Yes and no. She has always been a girl with a tender heart, beauty, and unbridled intelligence.

I remember (name of birthday person) bringing home an (tell story about tender heart) injured pigeon and that was my first glimpse into her warm and tender heart.  This was the first of many stray animals that (name of birthday person) brought home and I’m not including her boyfriend (name)!

Now that (name of birthday person) has joined the ranks of us adults, I suppose that it is my duty to leave her with some wisdom.

I know that you’re going to party later with your friends.  Always remember this – make sure the pleasures of youth don’t bring you pain in your old age.

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and join me in proposing a toast, to (name of birthday person).