Alternative tactics to save. Pay bills by direct debit. In your 2nd year, it’s likely you’ll be moving into a shared house so this means you’ll ought to manage the gas, electricity and water bills. It is usually at least 10% cheaper to pay by direct debit. Assign someone to settle the bills and be sure you pay that person when the bills come round every month or quarter. Potential saving – £50 a year.

Do not get a student credit card. Other student sites on the Internet should not be promoting credit cards to students. There are too many other choices to get money. You have got interest free overdrafts, your loan, family, and job options. Getting yourself into more debt is not the way to go. The only time to even ponder getting a credit card is after university has concluded and now you have yourself a full time job. Potential saving – £100s

Make food last. Whenever you buy a weeks worth of shopping try and make it last 10 days. Don’t pig out and just make everything last a bit longer. Go to the local shop and live on toast and beans for the last a couple of days if you need to. Potential saving – £200 a year.

Adjust your mindset. If you go into town and also you don’t have a great deal of money. Think, “Do I really need this or do I want this?” It’s a tough question to ask but it is a considerable one to ask to stay out of even more debt. You should also treat yourself every so often to say well done for all the money saving you have done. Don’t ruin it by buying a 42-inch LCD TV but a new top wouldn’t hurt.

Potential gain: Your happiness. Exploit student debt. If you do venture out spending ensure you take your student card with you. Many high street shops don’t ask for an NUS card, you can just take your campus card. Ask, “Do you do a student discount?” Hopefully they will answer yes. Go out during the week. You have very likely realised that it’s much cheaper to go out between Monday and Thursday when there are student deals all over the place. Stick to this and it’ll cut your costs substantially. Potential saving – £500 a year.

Use online banking. Online banking enables you to keep a very good tabs on what is going on with your cash. It also lets you quickly and easily transfer money to and from your savings accounts so that you could earn more money. Possible saving, Your sanity plus £50 a year in saved overdraft charges.

Make lunch and bring a bottle of water to university. If you’re will probably be out the house over lunch then take a sandwich with you! Also, taking a full bottle of water with you will stop you from the need to buy an extortionate £1 bottle of water at uni. Possible saving £500 a year.

Use the library before buying books. Before going on Amazon and buying a book, check your local and university library to see if they have it. If you would like keep it longer than a month, that is the time to think about buying it! Potential saving £50 per academic year.