I just wanted to take the time to right an article for some of the people who are having a difficult time selling there homes right now. What I will do is ask that you give me permission to give you some blunt honesty while I attempt to give you a little education on the subject of selling your home, and doing so quickly.

I will be upfront and totally honest with you about this current market. IT STINKS IF YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MUST SELL! On the flip side if you are looking to buy, it can offer its advantages. What I will do now is break down in a short summary why.

Every time I come across someone who is trying to sell at a value that reflects the market of the past I have to feel a little sorry for them. That is tip number one, do not try to sell your home at market value. It is far too many great deals out here right now to expect anyone to want to buy your home for top dollar. So try to sweeten the deal with a discount.

I guess another tip I would have to give is to have a good understanding on whats going on in YOUR neighborhood market. Don’t be fooled by what your buddy across town sold his house for last year. His numbers and your numbers have very little to do with each other.

When you do have a good grip of whats going on in your neighborhood be sure to make sure it is with houses that are similar or comparable to your own. If you have a 3 bed 2 bath one story don’t compare it to the guy three doors down with the 5 bed 4 bath home. Once again, those numbers will have very little to do with what you can sell for.

And if all else fails, you can do your best to find an honest investor. An investor will always be willing to buy your house if you are willing to discount it enough for them to make a profit. I say honest investor because you want to deal with someone who does not want to take advantage of you, but instead try to help you. The key is honesty between the two of you. Don’t be scared to tell the investor what you would like to try and get out of the deal. My only thing I would want to tell you about this is to be reasonable. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Educate yourself as much as you can about your current market and whats going on there, if you do this and your house is in good enough shape to sell to a retail buyer, you will do so faster. If your home is not in good enough shape to retail, you can sell to an investor without getting taken advantage of.