Sketching/Visualization Practice

August18, 2017
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Sketching/Visualization Practice These exercises should not be turned in with the weekly homework. If you maintain an organized portfolio of your work, you can turn it in at the end of the quarter to be graded as a substitute for your lowest grade on the two graphics exams.

Complete the following visualization exercises. For the problems in section 13.18, simply write a list of the corresponding letter-number pairs for the objects shown in the exercise.

· Section 13.18 problem 1

· Section 13.18 problem 2

· Section 15.16 problem 2 DEG only

SolidWorks Practice These exercises should not be turned in with the weekly homework. You should maintain an organized folder of these completed models as digital files with descriptive filenames. At the end of the quarter, you can burn them to a CD to be turned in and graded for up to 10 points added to your SolidWorks exam score.

Be sure to use a title block and good dimensioning practices in generating the drawings below.

· Problem 2.4 (p.83)

· Problem 2.8 (p.84)

Homework Deliverables (due at the beginning of class Thursday 08/17)

Lieu/Sorby Reading Questions (20 points, 4 points each question)

Instructions: All answers to reading questions should be word processed and in complete sentences. Incorporate the question into your answer so your responses make sense without reading the question.

· Section 13.17 p. 13-53: 1, 3, 6, 7, 9

· Section 15.15 p. 15-25: 2, 3, 6, 8 (by hand), 9

Sketching/Visualization (20 points)

· Section 15.16 problem 2 E

SolidWorks Model of the Week (60 points)

Instructions: Create a part model and engineering drawing of the object shown below. Use a half section view in your drawing as indicated in the given pictorial. Dimension your drawing such that all dimensions are to visible lines and features. Organize your dimensions to avoid clutter. Save your drawing as an eDrawing.

Turn in the following to document your work:

· A printout of your drawing on B-size (11 x 17) paper.

· Save your drawing as an eDrawingand submit it (eDrawing file only) per instructor’s instruction.

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