History of Sony Corporation

The largest media corporation in the world, Sony Corporation is one of the leading producers of video gaming consoles, video communication, information technology and electronics. Sony Corporation is even the parent company and the main electronic business division of Sony Group. This division was engaged in manufacturing five major operating segments which includes entertainment (music and motion pictures), games, financial services and electronics. In the year 1945, just after the Second World War, Masaru Ibuka, founded a company and started a repair shop for repairing radios. Along with his friend Akio Morita, Ibuka founded Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K. K. Company.

It was in 1955 when this company released its first commercial product TR-55 (transistor radio). After that it went on to release many such products and slowly the company changed from its original name and so in January 1958, the company’s name was changed to Sony. Since then, it has been noted for manufacturing some of the best in-house standards for new storage and recording technologies as a substitute of adopting those products manufactured by other companies. At, present Sony is recognized as one of the leaders in electronics manufacturing products from videocassettes to video players, DVD’s to Televisions and from Music Systems to Laptops.

Sony Laptops

Sony Laptops are truly a pleasure to have when you require computing powers however do not need to be loaded with cumbersome and heavy equipment. Sony Laptops such as the Vaio Notebooks which are a great amalgamation of performance, entertainment and style. The flexibility and multi-tasking to unite with other people makes these laptops exceptional and different from other brands. The Vaio is light laptop which is very easy to carry and comes with one of the best durability and connectivity. With this laptop you can surf the net, listen to music, play various games and even watch videos by using some of the powerful graphics of the Vaio. This series of Sony Laptops are a beautiful combination of style, entertainment and power.

Sony Laptops are actually the favorite among all the fans and music lovers. The Vaio are great in design and are very famous among the students and even home users as they have many unique features as per the users choice. There are several variations of Sony Vaio which include VGN-CR, VGN-NR, VGN-TZ, VGN-AR, VGN-UX, VGN-FW, VGN-FZ, VGN-BX etc. Sony Laptops have very much benefited from the successful electronic industry as Sony ventured into the portable computer industry to attract their existing fans around the world. The knowledge of electronics and digital music has given Sony Corporation additional edge over their competitors.


Some of the bestselling models of Sony Laptops include TP2, AR60, CR30, FZ30 and CR30. Besides these, there are many other higher versions of Sony Laptops. Some of the specifications of these Sony Laptop models are:

• The CR and NR series are mid low range series with basic features and style.
• SZ, FZ and AR series are the mid range series with latest features and flexibility.
• The UX and TZ series is the high end series meant for business purposes and heavy works.

The series are categorized as follow:

• AR Series – Desktop Replacement. 17″ display, 8.3 lbs. $1,530
• NR Series – Entry Level.15.4″ display, 6.3 lbs. $750.
• CR Series – Mid level, choice of nine colors.14.1″ display, 5.49 lbs. $870.
• FW Series -16.4″ widescreen display, great for movies, 6.7 lbs. $900
• SR Serires – Mobile available in three colors.13.3″ LED backlit display, 4.14 lbs. $1,200
• TZ Series -Ultra-mobile and powerful. 11.1″ LED backlit display, 2.7 lbs. $1,900
• Z Series – High End and light. 13.1″ LED backlit display, 3.42 lbs. $1,800

In conclusion

Sony laptops are at the innovation edge of the laptop industry and especially advanced when it comes to sound and picture quality. They are not the cheapest on the marketplace and don’t intend to be so. Buying is a Sony laptop is a bit statement of a status statement but the fact is that these laptops deliver the goods not just the look. If you see yourself at ahead of the trend or simply want to buy a Top Quality laptop, Sony laptops have to be on top of your to buy list.

• Most up to date technology used
• Superb picture quality
• Amazing sound
• Nice look / design
• Brand status

• As to be expected for such quality laptops, price is high