To survive in Law School the students must force themselves to work and study long hours. Without studying no one could expect success in Law School. One of the best ways to study is to find a partner who is taking the same classes. At Harvard Law School the first year students are forced Hart was asked by Ford to be a part of his study group before they got to know each other. Every first year student has to be a part of a group where each person is accountable for outlining one of their six classes to share with each other for the final exams. Of the students in law school Osborn placed them all under one of the three groups. “One was composed of those who sat in the back of the room. They had forever given up sitting in their assigned seats and preparing the cases.” Just like the classroom in Hart’s small group there was a person representing each of the three factions. Kevin would be the one who falls under the first group and during the spring quarter he pretended he was not in class when the teacher read his name off the seating assignment chart.

He was hiding in the back of the room in the wrong seat at the time. “The second group were the students who, though they did not raise their hands and volunteer answers, would attempt a response when called upon. They made not pretense of ease, and lived in admitted constant fear.” Most of members of the group including Ford, Anderson, Bell, and O’ Connor would have arguable fallen into this middle ground group. “The last group, the elite, the upper echelon, were the volunteers. They raised their hands in class: they thrust themselves forward into the fray.

It wasn’t that they were any smarter than anyone else. They weren’t, or at least most of them weren’t. But they had courage.” Hart made it a personal goal of his to join this new echelon in the classroom structure. Inside the dynamics of the group Hart was not one of the loud personalities so his focused demeanor had a calming influence on the group. Having an inside look at all the different personalities in law school can give a clear indicator of the disciplined path that is most efficient.