The essay is an area that is frustrating to many students. The poor grade from these is a real challenge if you must get good grade to keep academic scholarships. So whats a person to do? IT all starts with understanding why you are failing in this area. Here is a list of common issues and some suggestions to lead you to success.

1. The Thesis statement is everything. It is is poor you are toast from the beginning. You need a statement the is griping. A statement that the reader is willing to read about is the surest way of gaining the reader’s support. Something that is debatable will do well

Debatable subject are great for your personal writing abilities if you are passionate about the matter it will make you a better writer.

2. The support matter must be strong. If you have the greatest topic in the world but fail to persuade your readers that it is reasonable you are toast. Be sure you include evidence and arguments that focus on the main topic.

If this is you trouble. Then be sure to include several reasons. If you first is not the best several together will bring your argument to a level of credibility.

3. The essay must be readable. I am not talking about grammar or sentence structure. The essay must have some sort of organization that the reader know what you are saying. The best way of handling this problem is to get an outline.

4. The writing must not be overly flowery. This is and essay not poetry. The main line here is the flowery language takes the focus off the main subject. Flowery words are helpful but do not go over board.

5. You just plain stink at writing. This is likely due to a failure of some teacher in your past. But that is history. The main point now is that you what to get better. The writing things is hard for some people. Try getting good training in writing now. If you have someone who writes well ask for advise. And also make use of grammar software.

Both of these suggestions Will be helpful.