One of the most important questions visitors like to know when planning their trip to Sydney Australia is What will the weather be like? Of course predicting the weather anywhere in the world is akin to picking the winner of a horse race. However statistics do help to make a vacation easier by discarding none essential clothing and selecting what is appropriate.

The following monthly statistics Climate statistics will assist in your preparation.

JANUARY – 26.4


MARCH – 25.2

APRIL – 22.9

MAY – 20.0

JUN – 17.5

JUL – 16.9

AUGUST – 18.2


OCTOBER – 22.5



Remember that these statistics are average temperatures and there can be quite big shifts either way. Also if you are planning to travel further out from Sydney to places such as The Blue Mountains, you can expect dramatic changes in conditions and temperatures. During late fall and in winter snow in the region can be quite heavy and during summer the high altitude makes it hotter.

You will find that the around the coastline near Sydney there is localized rainfall at times, although not usually heavy there are infrequent deluges that produce flooding. One very server storm a few years back produced hail storms the size of tennis balls right across greater Sydney that caused tens of millions dollars worth of damage to shattered roofs, windows, cars and property in general.

Sydney also has its fair share of lightening storms throughout the year which although spectaculars can also reek havoc to the city. At the other end of the scale summer months can produce periods of excessive heat and it is only very recently that the dams around Sydney have filled to a point where the population can stop worrying about the effects of a prolonged draught on the cities water supply.

Of course these weather patterns are the extreme and unusual. Most of the time Sydney is one place in the world where visitors can relax in beautiful sunshine (even in winter). The best advice I can give to anyone planning a trip to Australia is to visit the Australian Weather bureau site: http://www.bom.gov.au prior to departure and research past weather trends for the intended time of travel as well as their forecast for the period.

If you decide that Sydney is the place for your next vacation destination I hope the weather is as kind as the people here are friendly.