– How GIS softwares can be related to communication grazing land?
-How GIS softwares can be related to communication field? -and how GPS systems can be related to GIS softwares?

looking for a clear design livelihood?
looking for a graphic design job? I am an amateur pictographic designer looking for a job with little retribution and just designing a website or something.I am only 13 but i own talent and would love to become a graphic designer in the adjectives.Please give me a chance I would really appreciate it. thank you. =]]

What Computer job?
Im only 13 but when im older i probs want to do something surrounded by computers? What can u do? Lyk were do u get the best money an adjectives? Does hacking a job?

What humane of career can i apply next to associate level surrounded by computer systems?
Im going to do a associate degree in computer systems(Networking).Its a two years degree(associate).So what gentle of job can i apply with this ? Thanks deeply for the answers.

Will a Degree within Christian Studies as my Major assistance me go and get a honest duty?
I’m taking Pastoral Counseling. What types of jobs can I look forward to applying for?

$50000 for a none experienced trellis developer?
I don’t know where to research salaries for programmers / developers. I’m a soon-to-be college college graduate who have a job lined up as a trellis developer and I don’t know what to ask from my employers. So far, I’m thinking of $50000. By the way, I’ve be working at this place for 4-5 years. I began as a premium accounting tech then I moved to the IT department as a software tester. I’m working in that as a part timer while going to school. Any planning? Thanks.

“contained by house ways” of brushing up computer skills to gain a mission?
I have a basic computer amount, but I have to upgrade my skills in writ to function in the real world, the college curriculum be too theoretical and did not address the needs of Industries. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

“Professional” versus Distinct Resumes?
I’ve been using a slightly more stylish resume in yesteryear couple years, and it has landed me internships at top firms surrounded by the entertainment industry, as well as one of the top 5 websites globally. I’ve be applying to FT jobs as I’m graduating college and I guess I would consider the resume appropriate for applying for job in the “biz”. But I’m interested in applying to Technology companies, and lately, a recruiter/friend of mine at a top IT consulting firm strongly criticized my resume for being unprofessional. She suggested strict Times New Roman font, strict formatting, etc.,….

“Salary of BD 1055” Versus “Cost of living of Bahrain” – Kindly support.
Greeting Friends. Need your esteemed help. I have get an offer from “Polaris Software Labs” Manama-Bahrain as an IT-Consultant for a payout of BD 1055 per month ( BD 340 as Indemnity payed out yearly once i.e. (a) the successful completion of one year). I appreciate that such similar questions have already be posted out here, with many gracious inhabitants having replied to the same. However frequent of the relevant once have got elder. Hence I would really appreciate if folks out there can help me within understand the “Cost of living” (good & moderate lifestyle, but no luxuries) of Bahrain. Following would be some data around me that might help you all: – 1. I am married (no kids) 2. I don’t drink/ don’t smoke. 3. Would want to force a normal house. 4. Would want to effort a commonplace car.(as I have hear that, it is a necessity) 5. Yes, I would want to save some good money as capably. 6. Go out site seeing – eat out etc. etc. But rarely 7. My work charter will be sponsored by the Company. 8. The Company is also covering me under ..

“What job would fit me best?” for which I am looking for carrer guidance on website pl inform?
“What career would fit me best?” for which I am looking for carrer guidance on website pl inform? I will be passing out 12th title

(for SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMERS) NEED ADVISE in relation to programming?
at the moment i hate programming, although i have followed a JAVA course i couldn’t catchup the rudiments right. that may be the reson that i dislike programming, but i know the importance of programming and want to become a good programmer.. can someone supply me some advise regarding this event, *are there any easy ways to breed this subject interresting, *what r the steps to follow, *what r the books that i should refere to as a biginner PLEASE HELP ME TO BECOME A GOOD PROGRAMMER

(Resume Question) Should I include my psych amount as will as compsci when applying to computer job?
I’m a computer programmer who has a degree within Computer Science (2002) and more recently a degree contained by Psychology (2005). The latter was more of a personal interest and not really anything I am pursuing a career contained by. Is there any compelling reason I should include Psychology scope on my resume? Please note that I’ve asked this question to a range of people over the years and got a mix of answers. So I’d prefer a reasoning losing the answers given…

. Make a Functional Resume which will see you to win the required brief.?
A software house is looking for a person having Masters Degree surrounded by computer science along with four years experience; he should be proficient in background base, web designing, network and trouble shooting. Make a Functional Resume which will enable you to win the required job. ENG Writing

..:: Web designing ::..?
Hi, I am Elbee, i’m 17 and looking forward to go for web designing as my craft option in the adjectives. Can someone please tell me whether it is a good work option ? I mean, can a pattern designer earn a good living for himself ? And one more piece that i wanted to ask was, There are sundry computer institutes teaching people HTML,XHTML,Flash etc here contained by India. After their students graduate, it is these computer institutes only who fetch clients and jobs for them. But i hold learnt all this stuff adjectives alone, so u think i will be able to attract clients if my skills are worth it…..

.I am considering a art within computer engineering. Any engineers or undergrads that can let somebody know me almost it?
My dad (who is from india) really wants me to be a computer engineer. I am pretty angelic in math, physics and such. I would say that I am a bit above average, although I am not close to as biddable as those really mathematically fluent kids, if you know what I mean. I think it may be an interesting occupation, and I am willing to consider it. Would I be able to feel it? (I don’t work particulary hard in college, but I don’t miss homework and work harder than the average kid.)Do you know any colleagues/co-students that are not that great at math? Is it an exciting subject to study?

.lattice certificarions,pls facilitate!?
Hi, I am novice in .lattice technology but am interested to know about the .net certifications.My query are: 1.Where to start from?means which certification to start near? 2.Can u please explain the step by step the sequence of certifications? 3.Estimated cost[indian rupees] 4.How to take preparation? 5.In this regard, can u suggest some well brought-up sites,communities,study materials in internet? thx in finance for your help!

.Net developer surrounded by a tough spot at current duty?
I started to look for a new job after 1 1/2 at my current company. I told my boss that I be going on an interview and he appreciated my honesty. I did told him because I did want to be honest and I knew I was going to generate more money else where and advance my skills. Here the problem.. I thought wrong. I aced the interview but the modern job wants to impart me the same salary I am currently earn, plus a 10% bonus at the end of the year based on ceremonial. Should I start over, knowing that I got to leave immediately because my current job knows I go for an interview, or – stay at my current job and assume my job is support?

.network courses contained by chennai near placement opportunity.?
i am ramesh who did my MBA in Finance and System five years back. Since afterwards, i had been working within accounting and financial field in a FMCG concern. Now i would similar to to switch my career from finance to IT. I would close to to study .net courses in chennai. Should i translation my career? if yes, could anyone please tell me the right institute which provides .lattice courses with High Placement opportunities.

_____ do it till…?
hey, well I’m a drafter and I’ve been thinking of a moral drafters do it _________ saying, but I’ve come up short. I was lately seeing what some of you can come up with. I guess I’m kinda looking for the good ole bartenders do it till you puke sorta point.

10 th- 75.4% ,12 th -67%, bsc cs- 57% onwards,, am i eligible for any IT company recuirments?
please tell lucidly , now i am doing msc (it) first year. i am contained by india at tamil nadu. thank you.

13 year old-fashioned novice programmer, requirements undertaking?
I’m 13 years old, a beginner C++ programmer and I necessitate a online job to earn money. I could start a business but I don’t know where to switch on, I could be a employee but I cannot find any jobs accessible for my age, I need help earn money…Also please do not give me any bull about mowing lawns to earn money I know impressively well I could do that at any given moment but I do NOT want that to be my primary choice.

15 year antiquated job?
where are some places in Minnesota where on earth a 15 year old can get a situation (guy)

17 moving on to 18, looking for kind of online job.?
Wondering if there are such online jobs or search for online jobs I could read through and see if I am interested in. I turn 18 January and are a Jr.

18 yr prehistoric starts business next to £35. Help please!?
I have recently started TheSockButler.com beside just lb35 after leaving sixth form. I wondered if you could answer the following question for my research please: What do you look for when purchasing a pair/ pairs of socks? i.e. color, material What is your favorite clothing brand? Please answer the following questions if you purchase socks online: Why do you purchase socks online? How regularly do you purchase socks online? How many pairs of socks do you purchase each time? How much do you earnings for each pair? Do you buy the socks for yourself or as a grant? If as a gift who for? i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, father, son etc Which magazines/ online newsletters do you regularly read..

1st time chore Interview as Desktop Support Analyst … disconcerted as hell :(?
Hi all, I sucks at job interviews. I enjoy an important interview coming up next week as desktop support, and I really close to this company, can someone with relevant experience give some useful advices? What to expect, what is being asked? What should I say or avoid cliché? Plase

2 family hold be chosen for a second interview …”ours” appears to be the second one of the hours of daylight…
My fiance had his first interview with a potential employer ultimate Wednesday. By Friday, they called to schedule the second interview for today at 2:30 p.m. We know that they narrowed it down to two family. My fiance and another gentleman. We are pretty certain that my fiance is the second being today. Is this a good thing? How habitually do they offer you the job on the spot during the second interview? (this is a professional/supervisory position contained by engineer/automation for a new product line)

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