You don’t have to read a newspaper or watch TV for long to realise that there are certain key words that appeal to anyone. Some of these words are so effective that even when companies or salespeople overuse them, people still respond to them postively.

Advertisers are the jedi in this field. They’ve know for years how words can motivate, bring back memories, evoke deep feelings. They know which words to use to persuade, entice, cajole, entertain, and in the most honorable circumstances, educate. The fact is words can make people look at things in new ways and perhaps try things they’ve never tried before.

The 15 word list below represents hours of effort and research studies. Over and over these words find new audiences or retain old ones. Remember them when you sell. Make these words part of your presentations, telephone calls or via written correspondance. These universal key words will evoke the same deep feelings toward your product as advertisers have been evoking so expertly for decades.

1. Discover

Like the credit card of the same name, this word generates interest, evokes a feeling of opportunity and suggests a better life. Tell a client that they will discover something and they’ll feel the same.

2. Good

Good is not a high torque word, but therein lies its success. It evokes stability and security. If its good its not bad and everybody wants to buy or be associated with something good.

3. Money

Money, money, money, money….MONEY! Few people feel they have enough. Everybody wants more.

4. Easy

People want simplicity, and for things to happen easier. If a product or service can make something easier, they’ll be more apt to buy it.

5. Guaranteed

Human beings fear risk. If they know that if the product doesn’t work out, that they can get there money back, the risk goes away.

6. Health

If a product promotes financial, emotional or physical health, it offers a big plus. To many people this is even more important than money.

7. Love

Many companies make enormous amounts of money selling love. Whether its a dating service or vacations for singles, love is always a prime selling hook.

8. New

If its new, it must be better. Its a tried and tested concept that seems to be part of the the mystique in the western world. New is cutting edge and can even make something old fashioned, brand new.

9. Proven

New is good but reliability is good also. We want something that has been tested and proven not to be harmful in any way. We don’t want something we’ll doubt will work.

10. Results

Although we may mouth the words, underneath we don’t care about trying hard and putting forth our best efforts if we don’t see results. We want to know exactly what we’re getting for our money.

11. Safe

A parallel of health. We value our lives, and if a product is safe, or it makes our assets safe, we trust it more.

12. Save

Saving money is almost as important as making money. Saving is better than spending.

13. Own

We all like to own things. Owning is better than buying, because it implies possession rather than spending. When presenting a product, talk about owning it not buying it.

14. Free

The big daddy of persuasion. We say you can’t get nothing for free, but we don’t believe it. Count today how many times you’ll see the word free on junk mail, advertising, magazines or on TV or internet.’Free’ is an instant eye catcher, and if you can point out to a customer that they’ll something for nothing, you’ll have their immediate attention.

15. Best

If you know that a product has been shown to be the best in some way, shape or form let your customer know about it. Possessing something proven to be the best exerts a very powerful pull.