Through the millennia  ever  since the inception of the human brain, the art of  writing  has passed through the phase of evolution immensely thus bringing about a complete turn around in this form of art. The art of writing has come of age having surpassed eons and throughout the ages, there has always been a perceptible improvement generated through writers and authors. Each and every author has improved immeasurably on each other’s style of writing, thus providing an impetus for writers to enhance their style of writing.

 Writing  is an ART in itself.  Writing  depends purely on creativity and this creativity has to be cultivated even though the trait of  writing  is inherent in a person.  Writing  an article or content is essentially the clear and lucid expression of the concepts of the writer. The conceptualization of the idea of an author is the principal motive especially when he expresses them through his style of  writing . When a writer starts to  write , he should avoid any ambiguity rather he should be capable of adopting a clear style and diction of  writing .

The art of  writing  has taken manifest forms and is available to the reader in various kinds.  Writing  can start off through  writing  of short stories; short and crisp articles and  essays ; journalistic  writing ; report writing; and authoring of books and writing of dramas. These multitudinous forms of writing have a large array of authors and writers who offer a broad spectrum of writings for the readers.

The  writings  of short stories are especially meant for school going children, who thoroughly enjoy reading them thereby increasing their treasure of knowledge as  well  as entertaining them. The  writing  of short stories basically are also meant to moralize and each story carries towards the end a moral. These moralistic  writings  tend to educate the child through rapturous and alluring small anecdotes and folk-lore.On the Indian scenario, the tales of the Panchtantra which deal with stories on the animal kingdom carries along with them a moral. These morals are meant to be imbibed into the children who develop the personality and character of the child, particularly when children are in a formative stage of life. On the other hand, authors from the Western hemisphere like Aesop from the Grecian mythology who was famed for his fables, Alice in Wonderland  written  by Lewis Caroll and Grimms’ Fairy Tales authored by the Grimm Brothers, to name a few became a life time favorite amongst children the world over. The writer often makes a concerted effort to bring himself down to the level of the child to make him understand and to etch sharply in the child’s mind the message that he wants to convey.

When it comes to  writing  of short articles and  essays , it is imperative that these are crisp and precise. These  essays  and short articles although may be short in length, yet the writer often tends to digress from the main topic. The style of  writing  should be compact and revolve around the theme of the  essay . The attitude of digressing from the point should be avoided at all costs by the writer. This digression certainly leads to distortion of the short  essay  or article.Journalistic and report  writing  is a different cup of tea altogether. In journalistic writing and reporting, the report encapsulates what the journalist has actually seen and therefore his report writing for his newspaper needs to be accurate and to the point. There is a strong tendency amongst journalists to present an incident in a manner blown totally out of proportion a situation, which should be skirted. This leads to the reader lapping up all that he reads and considering them to be true. There is undoubtedly a cut-throat competition amongst leading magazines and newspaper groups to rush and be the first to cover an incident, thus leaving competition behind. The reporter while filing his report also needs to adhere to the rules of the ethics of report writing.

Authoring of books entails a completely different mechanics. Authors who write books work on a totally varied and a higher plane. The responsibility of a book writer emanates from the point of conception of an idea right till the time the book reaches into the hand of the general reader. The layout of a book is generally broken down into several portions. Each book has a catchy and enigmatic title with a title cover which normally is pictorial in nature. The interior of the book carries a Preface or a Foreword where the author gives a synopsis of the contents of the book. The entire book is sub-divided into chapters which carry the sequence of events chronologically. However, the sequence of events should always contain a logical continuity throughout. Towards the end, there would also be an Afterward or an Epilogue in case there is a Prologue at the beginning of the book. There may be certain cases where the events may be taking place in a particular part of the world when the author shifts the scenario to another part of the world with a rational continuation in the events.

Dramatists too have also taken their rightful place amongst writers since time immemorial. Dramas have been  written  and dramatized into operas and even operettas. These transformed dramas are enacted in theaters and during the early periods these dramas were performed in open air stadiums especially during the Roman and Greek periods in the Coliseums.

Books have always been a rich and abounding source of entertainment and have been in existence  ever  since man learnt to read and  write  and writers and authors through the ages have made it possible for people to be entertained.

There is no hobby other than reading and there is no parallel to reading. Those people who have a passion for reading need no other source of entertainment. However, it is reading that makes a person express his thoughts through the pen. Writers and authors have been  well-known  and have attained fame and glory through their unique style of  writing  and some of the authors have left their foot prints on the sands of time. It is from these famous and celebrated writers and authors that one draws the inspiration to  write  and  write   well .

Not everyone can become a writer; rather it is an uphill task to  write  but if one possesses the internal feeling, it is this emotion that inspires a person to  write . Roger Bacon, the famous and iconic writer belonging to the sixteenth century was renowned for his  Essays  and he very aptly quoted, “READING MAKETH A COMPLETE MAN” and indeed it was so true. Knowledge is indestructible and is a wealth very few possess. Pick up your pen and start  writing . It may be difficult in the initial stages, but as time elapses, it would become far more easier. And the Pen is always mightier than the sword.