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Her understanding of how education systems across the world can cross-pollinate to create hybrids that thrive seems like something more researchers and experts should call for. I particularly like that Joyce underscores personalizing the process. Outreach to faculty, students and administrators at schools help those who may not be able to visit the school itself. How schools respond to enquiries says more than the stream on emails or tweets because a student has entered information into a database. If a faculty member does not respond to a well stated question that sends a loud message even if there are no words. How interested is the faculty in helping students? The same for those in admission offices student support services. I agree that traveling to schools across the world is an exceptional education in itself. Being in schools with students helps one understand the aura of a place and gives a sense of what kinds of cultural differences they might face in the US.

This kind of travel changed my life and the way I see the world at home and abroad. One thing about hearing from a smart straight shooter like Joyce is that you know where she stands on issues. I find this wonderfully refreshing. So often the level of language put out about college is so sanitized that is provides little insight. I do not have to agree with people who have strong opinions but at least I know what they are. For all of Joyce’s exceptional insights here and in her books and articles and comments at workshops and conferences I am grateful. She has taught me to be better and more thorough and clear to others. She has been such a mentor for many. But she still has told me how she does it all. She did hint when I reached out she might tell me. In her over decades on earth Joyce has pursued her passion—education and students: if she shares how she does this as well as she does you can be sure I will share it here.

I was then able to fly to wherever I wanted to! The trigger or combination of triggers that you use will depend upon you. If you have a common dream theme this is a great trigger. Just concentrate on the next time that you see or experience that you will be dreaming. Think of it as often as you can while you are awake. Lucid dreamers often comment to themselves in dreams. Make a list of questions that you have about dreams. Read the list often and look over it several times and concentrate on it before you go to bed. Can you read text in a dream? Can you add numbers in a dream? These were some questions I had on my list at one time. I had read in a dream book that it was not possible to read text or to calculate numbers in a dream, but I didn’t believe it. I eventually found myself lucid in an office. I walked over to a calendar on the wall and I read the text describing a New England farm house.