Australia has the world’s best beaches with their fine white sands, perfect weather and scenic ocean views. There are many beaches in Australia, but most famous beaches in Australia are surrounded by annoying tourists with rubbish everywhere or there is too many people crowded at the beach. If you want to find the best beaches in Australia, you have to go where no one knows because they want to keep it secret for themselves.

Here are the Best Secret Beaches in Australia:

Lucky Bay

An appropriate name for this beach, if you’re looking the the whitest and finest beach, then this is it. Located in Cape Le Grand National Park Near Esperance in the south west Western Australia, this place is known for it’s picture perfect scenery with turquoise water and fine pure white sand. This beach won the best beach in Australia in 2006.

Jervis Bay

If you want to see a lot of fishes with crystal clear unpolluted waters, this is where you want to relax and be. Located in New South Wales, this beach is surrounded by national parks which also help to protect you from any harsh winds. This place is kept secret by locals and tend not to be overpopulated like other beaches in New South Wales.

Whitehaven beach

Widely known as the whitest sands in the world, this place is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Located in the Whitsundays, this place in Queensland has been voted the most beautiful beach in Queensland. With crystal clear waters populated by a abundant aqua wild life, this place has to be seen to appreciate it. This place looks and feels so pristine, it feels that you are Robin Crusoe lost in a beautiful tropical island!