I’m sure that even the best of us have been in this situation: you write a letter, an email, an essay or an article and when you hand it in someone points out a spelling or grammatical error that neither you or the spell checker had even noticed. It’s an embarrassing situation, and one that can be easily avoided.

WhiteSmoke is an absolutely essential tool for your desktop, and can be run with any program which has a text box in it. With the press of a keyboard button, WhiteSmoke will pop up and give you the option to instantly correct your spelling, grammar and writing style.

Style Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new collection of style checking features. The WhiteSmoke Style Checker includes WhiteSmoke’s patented Text Enrichment, a unique technology that has established WhiteSmoke in a field apart from competitors, as well as a range of new features that address overall writing style. Users will be notified of incomplete sentences, use of slang and IM speak, and informal sentence structures. These additional style checking features make WhiteSmoke 2009 a great leap forward from previous versions of WhiteSmoke, and consolidate the WhiteSmoke mission of creating an “all-in-one” writing tool.

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009’s grammar checker introduces new grammar algorithms and updates to existing algorithms. Key new detections include confusions between countable and non-countable nouns (much/many, less/fewer), comparative/superlative mismatches (more nicer, less nicest), and recognition of run-on sentences. Updates to existing grammar algorithms have further improved the precision of WhiteSmoke’s corrections over a wider variety of possible sentence constructions. Also included in the 2009 version is grammatical error explanations which give you a definition and explanation of the error.

The Basics

Don’t worry, the basics are all still covered! Easy-to-miss errors are instantly recognised and missing punctuation is fixed. Also, you can find synonyms that are relevant to your topic. For example, if you are creating a piece of writing which is medical, you will receive synonyms which are specifically for medical terminology only.


As a bonus, WhiteSmoke 2009 now includes helpful English lessons for those who have English as a second language and Letter and Document Templates for those who want the head start.

The Full Features List

>> Advanced Grammar Checker – Over 70,000 corrections
>> Advanced Spell Check Corrector – Over 560,000 entries
>> Text Enrichment Engine – Using relevant adjectives and adverbs
>> The leading Proofreading Tool – Proof-read like a Professional right now!
>> Comprehensive Thesaurus – Synonyms to expand your vocabulary
>> Latest Writing templates – Over 600 included
>> Advanced Multi-Translator
>> Intelligent Style Checker
>> Advanced Dictionary-Thesaurus Checker
>> Now available with Multi-Lingual add-ons – Over 20 different Languages Available
>> Letter and Document Templates
>> Helpful English Lessons

White Smoke 2009 – An English Writing Tool with Wide Appeal

“For corporate professionals seeking to project the right image with quality writing, through to bloggers, creative writers and tens of thousands of at-home users, White Smoke 2009 represents the next step in the evolution of software to correct and enhance English writing,” states Amit Greener, VP Marketing at White Smoke. “With White Smoke 2009, anyone who writes in English has a comprehensive and intuitive tool to aid written communication, a tool that easily integrates with a user’s existing applications and preferred methods of working.”


In conclusion, WhiteSmoke is an invaluable tool which can save you hiring a proof reader and can save you masses of time and embarrassment. It is an essential tool that you will never regret investing in.