Presenting a well written thesis depends on many important issues, here we will discuss the basics that University Students can examine and emulate, and possibly earn appreciation from the faculty that will evaluate the papers.

First examine the kind of thesis that is to be presented

a) A thesis which is analytical in nature and one which is split into different parts

the partitioned content which is explored and researched is then presented to the audience.

b) A thesis which is expository (explanatory) in nature or a study which is made known in detail to the audience

c) A thesis which is argumentative in its format, and with supportive evidence

claims are presented in a manner through which the audience is sought to be

convinced. The theme of the papers is in anticipation that the audience is in

total agreement with the writer of the thesis.

If the thesis is not in line with any of the above and is just narrative, the writer will need to precisely mention the modalities of the thesis in the first paragraph, this will help the reader in knowing what the thesis is all about.

The content in the thesis should be very precise and specific, ensuring that the thesis relates to the topic mentioned with evidence in support of claims.

The statement of the thesis is usually mentioned at the end of the first paragraph in the page, very often as you write, the topic of the thesis may change and these changes should also reflect in the statement of the thesis.

Some Examples of Thesis statements

A Statement of an Analytical Thesis

An analysis of the politicians in the election fray reveals one challenge facing

the electorate: voting for inexperienced candidates or the ones who are

experienced but corrupt.

The following paper would read as

· explain the analysis of the elections which are to be held

· explain the challenges faced by voters

A Statement of an expository (explanatory) thesis statement

The politicians visit the villages only during elections; the rest of the time

is spent on manipulation and deceit.

The following paper in the thesis would read as

  • explain when politicians visit the villages from where they were elected.

A Statement of an argumentative thesis

Politicians should regularly visit the towns and villages from where

they were elected to know the difficulties faced by common people.

The following paper in the thesis would read as

  • present an argument with evidence to support the claim that politicians do not serve the electorate that elects them

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