The Importance of Individuality


All humans have a basic need to express themselves, to show others who we are, what we believe in, and how we are different. This is what make us individual, special and unique. We choose to express ourselves differently based on our personality. Some people express their creativity and personality through creating art or music, others have special hobbies that show off their skills and abilities. Choosing not to make bold statements is also a way of expressing your personality.

Most common perhaps, is the way we present ourselves to the world through clothing and appearance. This is why almost all subcultures can be identified and recognised by their chosen way of dressing or why teenagers seem to change fashion ideals all the time in a period of their lives when personality is being formed.

Individuality is what makes life and people interesting and exiting!

It is also what makes people trust you. When we express our individuality, we show people that we have nothing to hide and that what you see is what you get.

Most people though, do not have the opportunity to express themselves as freely as they may like to because they have certain obligations. Generally this means work responsibilities. After all some jobs do not lend themselves to outrageous dressing or bold statements of individuality. Customers would be somewhat concerned if their accountant or bank representative decided to show up for work in flip flops and shorts even if they were passionate surfers in their free time. In many ways society ‘pigeon holes’, or attempts to, in order to enable us to not only conform but be instantly recognisable to others.

But conforming to certain ideals and stereotypes in order to be taken seriously doesn’t have to imply curbing all expressing of individuality. In businesses there are many leaders whose personalities often play a big part in the publics perception of a company such as Donald Trump or Richard Branson.

Small things such as your businesses card can say a lot about you. What font is your name written in? What colour paper have you chosen? How big are the letters and where are they placed on the card?

Classy, hand written fonts show style and sophistication. Big, bold letters show a healthy ego and drive. Rounded and soft letters show creativity and an easy going personality. Font is important!

Colours are important. Simple white paper with black letters, shows unpretentiousness and seriousness. Bright colours and coloured text shows something else entirely. Is the letters written in all capitals? Is the company logo big and dominant or subtle?

There are many ways of expressing you own or your companies individuality on your businesses card. As such, it is a good idea to think about what you are trying to communicate to your target audience. After all, when your clients or people you meet look at your business card they are going to associate that with you and your company. Therefore you need to ensure that it makes a good impression and portrays the correct façade.

Custom businesses card printing is available many places online. Many online business printing services offer customised solutions that you can choose from or work from your own design. The quality of is usually high, delivery times fast and prices very competitive.