Staff   Nurse  is also called RGN or Registered General  Nurse  and RMN or Registered Mental  Nurse  which are based on their field of profession. Their responsibilities in the medical discipline are very wide. Registered General  Nurse  or RGN are staff  nurses  who have passed the assigned board exam for  nurses  and can work without any specialization. Registered Mental  Nurse  or RMN are staff  nurses  assigned in mental health and psychiatric field. Staff  nurses  can also work in community health such as community clinics.

They can also work in private homes and in other specializations and different settings. Most especially, staff  nurses  can work in hospitals. There are many fields that staff  nurses  can choose from. In hospitals, they can be in IN-Patient Unit or Out-Patient Unit, ICU or Intensive Care Unit, Recovery room or surgery room, emergency room and so on. Responsibilities of a  nurse  will only differ in their area or field of specialization of expertise.

The main responsibility of a staff  nurse  is to render  service  or  nursing  care anywhere and to anyone who needs their help. When they have their patients, they are solely responsible for monitoring the well being of the patient. A staff  nurse’s  job is to monitor and check the vital signs of their patients and to give treatments to those who need long term treatments. It is also the responsibility of the  nurse  to explain both to the patient and their relatives the importance of the treatment. It only means that the main role of staff  nurse  is providing the right treatment to their patients for their early and fast recovery. It is important that the  nurse  also has the knowledge about the treatment to properly administer it to the patients. The staff  nurses , most especially the Registered General  Nurses  or RGN, should expose themselves in any specialization in their field to gain knowledge in all the aspect and other treatments for doing their job correctly and to avoid mistakes.

Staff  nurses  used to work as a group and these groups will do the planning and any implementation of other policies about  nursing  care. As a team, it is their responsibility for the evaluation of some on-going practices and for the implementations of certain changes, improving the  nursing  care that is being provided by the hospitals or clinics. The Senior Staff  Nurses  are the ones who lead these teams and also supervise the eligibility and overall performance both for the whole team and each staff  nurse .

Staff  nurses  should know the history or any medical background of their patients especially before giving treatments. They should treat and study the condition of each patient. After studying,  writing  down or recording all the findings and observations of their patients, they report these to their senior staff. It is also their responsibility to complete all the paperwork and reports assigned to them.

Staff  nurses  have lots of duties and responsibilities, but people still choose this kind profession because of the benefits and high salary they obtain from simply completing their responsibilities.