The toddler stage usually begins when your child is between 12 – 18 months old lasting all the way up to the age of three. It’s a fun stage for the parents as well as the toddler. At this stage they are old enough to play, laugh, giggle, and express themselves. For the parents, it’s a stage where they can start to communicate with their child and see what they need and want.

Your toddler should be able to accomplish certain things at each stage. It is not mandatory, but it’s an average. It is also common that your toddler might master a skill before reaching the next stage, or be late in reaching a skill. Here are some on the basic skills a toddler will attain given the stage.

12-14 months – Toddlers at this stage can drink from a cup, although not skillfully, buy never the less be able to. They can turn the pages of a book and can walk alone pretty good. They will be able to play with a ball, tossing it, rolling it and bang them together. They can imitate animal sounds, know certain objects by name and feel comfortable exploring their environment by themselves.

15-18 months – This is a very active stage for a toddler. At this stage they can climb onto furniture, be able to stack a couple of blocks, and hold writing utensils well enough to scribble. They might even be able to put two words together.

19-24 months – At this stage toddlers will be able to run, jump, and walk up and down stairs. They can open doors, stack 3 to 6 blocks, and maybe even feed themselves using a baby spoon or fork. Furthermore, they put certain clothes on and are able to take clothes off.

25-36 months – Toddlers at this stage posses good skills for holding objects, stacking objects and be able to feed themselves well. They’ll have good coordination skills such as jumping off the ground with both feet. For communication, they’ll be able to talk in sentences, put words together, and start using words to express their feelings.

It’s sad to a parent when they finally realize that their toddler is now a little boy, or girl. Watching them grow up and seeing them develop their skills and personality is a great feeling. For the child it’s also a great feeling knowing that they can do things for themselves and develop their independence