This might be the best, best golf tip ever. It’s really two tips. But, I think you can shave strokes off your game easily if you dedicate yourself to this free golf tip doubleheader.

I don’t want you to spend another minute (or another dollar) at the driving range until you get some real help. Mindlessly hitting golf balls at the range without thinking about what your doing or reviewing your swing or receiving professional analysis only will add up to you “locking” in your faults. Once you lock in your errors they become very difficult to correct, as every swing only deepens the problem.

The solution is simple. Save your range cash and get a lesson with a trusted pro. Videotape the lesson. You’ve now established your first benchmark towards future improvement. Watch the tape over and over again before you head to the range again. This time at the range buy the smallest bucket of balls possible, take a few warm-ups and starting hitting the ball. Make sure someone is on hand to tape your swing. This should be pretty easy in this day and age as cameras and cellphones can both easily take short videos of your swing. Now, you have your second benchmark. Compare tapes and adjust. Throw in another lesson or two, plus some range sessions and I guarantee you will be a much better golfer in just a few short weeks. There is no need to buy thousands of dollars of lessons or thousands of dollars of products. All that is needed is the motivation, discipline and ability to actually view your swing on tape as it progresses to excellent.