The continent of Australia is the perfect place for a BMX rider. Not only are there huge, wide mount spaces, but there are plenty of nice trails to record BMX videos. Many BMX photos are show on the internet in the Outback area of the continent. This would be the perfect place for BMX events, but there aren’t any in the isolated areas. However, any person reading a BMX magazine will see the lovely areas Australia has, as well as seeing it in a BMX video online. One of the most popular biking trails in Australia is the Ansto Mountain Bike Trail. This trail has a length of fifty miles and is a single track. This means nobody has to worry about multiple trips on the same trail. However, this is an advanced trail and shouldn’t be tried by those with low endurance. There are many very long climbs into rocky areas that can cause exhaustion, but the scenery is lovely.

A second popular trail in Australia is found in Forrest. This trail has a distance of 20 miles, and is also single track. Although this is not as difficult as Ansto, this trail has its share of difficulties. Sometimes it cuts through the forest and fallen trees may not yet be cleared away. These make great obstacles for jumps. There are also pedestrians, so riders should be careful.

A third great rack to ride on is Ourimbah State Forest Trail found in Tuggerah. This intermediate bike trail is single track and only 6 miles long. However, there are many natural obstacles along the way, paired with lovely scenery. There are also refreshing streams that can be stopped at if the going is too rough, or the heat is too much. This is one reason why this trail is popular, even though it is short.

The Yellowmundi Mountain Bike Trails is located in Penrith, Australia. This nine mile, single track trail is configured in a loop so that people can re-ride if they’d like. This is intermediate, but has some difficult parts, mainly the fallen logs that are a permanent fixture, bends, drops, and even some cliff like areas to jump off of.

One of the last trails of major popularity is The Grind. This is advanced, very difficult, but only 5 miles. However, these five miles can take up an entire day due to the thick areas of debris, rock falls, and sheer vertical climbs. This is a great trail nonetheless.