These articles are a blast to write! Think about it… I get to play with fun toys, and then I get to write about it! It doesn’t get much better! Today we’ll be reviewing one of the top Christmas toys – the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro-Racer. These little things are a blast, and they’re easy on the wallet too!

2008 has been rough on our wallets, (For most of us!) – But these toys deliver plenty of fun, while still boasting a low price tag. No complaints from me! Where else can you get one of the top Christmas toys for under $30? It seems these days the hottest toys cost hundreds! If you’re wondering if something so cheap can still pack plenty of fun into the box, take a quick look:

This is an R/C car that can drive right up the wall and across the ceiling of your house! (You heard right… It drives UPSIDE DOWN) Can you imagine a child not having fun with one of these? Even us “big kids” get a kick out of playing with these!

I obviously had a blast with this thing. It drives my animals nuts as I zip around up and down the walls and they try to devise a strategy to capture it. My recommendation is to pick one of these up now if you plan on putting one under the tree, as so far, it seems this toy will be in high demand, and will likely sell out quickly. See? Landing one of the top Christmas toys for 2008 doesn’t have to be expensive!