Topic: Any U.S. government issue (State issue is better than Federal) MUST be DEBATABLE. For example: same-sex marriage law in California.

Length: 2500
Paper must include:  
– historical background of the issue; how it (&laws in its’ regard) changed over time.
– MUST HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL EVIDENCE/DISCUSSION (use it as a source and cite it) supporting your position (e.g. Amendments/ articles of confederation etc.)
scholarly + topical sources (no minimum)
– give your hypothesis & include counterarguments

General Outline

  1. Describe a situation: Briefly, in a paragraph or two introduce your topic.
  1. Pose a research question: One that lends itself to debate
  1. Hypothesis: This is your thesis statement or, hypothetical question answer
  1. Background: Go into more detail here on your topic and relevant considerations
  1. Pro-Con Debate: Over the thesis statement
  1. Conclusion: Weighing the pros against the cons