Chemical analyzers find greater application in clinical laboratories, hospitals and other related fields. Chemistry analyzers are extensively used for homogenous immunoassays, STAT analyses, vitro analysis of chemical substances in blood and other body fluids. Both new and used models are available. New equipment is expensive whereas used models are available at half the price of new ones.

Roche Chemistry-Analyzers for Optimum Functionality

Roche Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer offering a wide array of models with diverse features. Some of them are Roche Cobas Mira, Roche Hitachi 717 and Roche Integra 700. These feature standardized technology for flexible and efficient operation every time. These devices are fully automated with sample bar code capability. The Roche chemistry analyzer consists of an analytic unit with ISE and photometric measuring system and a control unit including CPU, printer, monitor and keyboard. It ensures easy to use test strips and develops results quickly. Some of the advanced versions of Roche chemistry analyzers are available with microprocessor controlled pipetting system. Such models can hold 4000 patient results at a time. Roche chemistry analyzers are available with optional features such as:

• Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available

• ISE module for sodium, potassium and chloride determinations

• Bidirectional interface

• Monochromatic, bi-chromatic, end point and kinetic essay types

• Liquid level and clot detection

• Random-access testing flexibility

• Provision for user to select tests, review results and program system parameters.

Assure Quality Products from a Reliable Dealer

Before choosing a used chemical analyzer, care must be taken to check its working condition. Chemical analyzers are available in a variety of models and prices from leading dealers. So choose a recognized dealer who can ensure used Roche chemistry-analyzers in optimum working condition, with warranty at competitive prices.