In landscaping and garden design, water features comprise the full range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams. Water features are relaxing and soothing; they stimulate both visual and audio senses. Up-to-date research indicates that they are the number one item a home owner would like to add to their property.

These days you are only limited by the imagination, with new materials and modern technology helping to control water in virtually any form. They are the hottest trend in landscaping today and are very popular as an addition to any garden. Water features are often suggested by landscapers worldwide as garden additions to help increase the enjoyment owners get from their property.

Since the eighteenth century the majority of water features have been powered by pumps. Modern pump engineering allows for virtually any size or shape of water characteristic to be constructed. Outdoor Water Fountains are remarkably effective at creating a good sense of natural tranquility in any garden. The harmony and cool, watery atmosphere water features offer are no doubt behind the increasing fascination homeowners have toward constructing and installing water into the garden.

You could make your own water features, though it might be a good idea to seek expert advice from water garden landscapers first, especially if your project is fairly ambitious in nature. A water feature set strategically in a garden provides a dynamic element to what is usually a very static design. Landscape gardening around water can be simple and a lot of fun if you plan in advance. The addition of water allows you to dramatically expand the types of plants and flora that can be incorporated into your garden.

If you are uncertain what to do, seek advice from experts or your local water garden centre. In landscaping, there is a rule: People should be able to hear the sound of their water feature. Many people enjoy the sound of running or flowing water in their gardens, which is why landscaping companies receive so many orders for adding water into gardens year round.

A water feature is always a place of refreshment.They are remarkably efficient at creating a sense of natural tranquility in any garden. The soothing sound of water transforms the environment in which they are placed, into one of calm and relaxation.

With the additions of coloured jumping jets, natural swimming ponds and water displays controlled from your own PC you can be assured that landscape gardeners will soon have to re-educate themselves and become water technicians of the future.