What is a customer worth?
The simple straight forward answer is that a customer is worth everything in your business.
If this is not quite clear then, this one will. If your customer is not worth your all, then, eat or use all your goods yourself, close your shop and go home.
There is nothing like “I am here to help the customer”. You are there for business and the customers are your target. Their presence and money matters to you.
It will pay off if you settle down to calculate the value of a consistent customer to your business, for example a customer that comes to your shop once a month and buys goods worth £100.00. Calculate for a year and then for 3 years and 5 years; what that customer is worth.
If your profit is £20.00 from this same customer, what does that add up to, over the period of time in your calculation? If you were to have 100 of such faithful customers what would that be?
Customers’ influence must never be underestimated. They are the most trusted way to gain other customers. They are also the surest way to undo a business, when neglected.

Good ways to keep a customer
1. Be sweet – Have a positive attitude, be appreciative and friendly.
2. Give a gift – give your customers simple but good gift at special occasion (things like pens, writing pad etc ) this creates a bonding that endears the hearts of customers to you.
3. Pay sincere attention to any complaint and do all that is necessary to show you understand and please make changes. Some complaints may be nonsensical but never show your irritations. You could well change the item and retain the customer.
4. Send e-mails about new products, products that are falling in prices and suggest if they would want to book for it now or have some reserved by paying some “commitment advance” for the product.
5. You must never take undue advantage of an “ignorant” customer – for example, a person who is new in town or someone who does not understand the currency.
6. When a customer forgets his change, please return it. If you do not know his address, keep the money for a time when they will come again.
7. Protect the identity of your customers jealously.
8. Help a customer to find an item he is shopping for.
9. Never behave to customers as if you are policing them – unhealthy suspicion is irritating to good customers.
10. All advertisement must project honest view and standards of products.
11. Never cheat on internet customers.
12. Avoid false impressions.
13. Never mishandle customers of the opposite sex.

I believe that some of these suggestons will help you to  get the best in your business. Your customers makes your business a success, make the most of every opportunity to treat them well.