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A spokeswoman for UC San Diego denied “intentional research fraud” stating the reasons for settling was to “stem further legal costs.” (Frammolino). Additionally, as part of the settlement, Ninnemann “would not admit guilt, but would agree to be excluded from eligibility from all Federal grants and contracts for three years,” and request retractions of the articles. Since 1988, the Center has used whistleblowers disclosures to improve environmental protection, nuclear safety, and government and corporate accountability. According to a correction published by The Washington Post, Straus “acknowledged that false reports were submitted to the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, but he maintains that the false data were created by disgruntled subordinates.” (The Washington Post, “Correction”). Briefings: Massachusetts v. Alsabti.” Science, New Series, Vol. Hunt, Morton. “A Fraud That Shook the World of Science.” The New York Times. Jahn, Frank, C. and Carol L. Mitch. “Research Ethics.” 1992 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute. LaFollette, Marcel, C. “The Politics of Research Misconduct: Congressional Oversight, Universities, and Science.” The Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 65, No. 3, Special Issue: Perspectives on Research Misconduct. LaFollette, Marcel, C. Stealing into Print: Fraud, Plagiarism and Misconduct in Scientific Publishing. University of California Press. Berkeley and Los Angeles, California.

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I didn’t learn much in life ecept what interested me. Now at 57 I want to learn all there is to learn. I am very impressed by this and unti know did not know of this great person. Now I do and I am so happy to add this to my senior education. How could he doubt there is a God? Thank you for such a detailed and interesting hub! Stephen Hawking has fascinated me for a long time, not only because of his physics theories but also because he has lived so long with ALS. My mother had this disease, so I have a special interest in it. Stephen Hawking is very inspiring! 5 years ago from Minneapolis-St. This is an amazingly empathetic yet factual account of this great man’s life to-date, and I am sorry that he and his wife became separated, though I can certainly understand how she must feel. Voted up and awesome! Very well-researched. Clearly the Einstein of our modern day. Thank you for writing this! This man is the living definition of “inspiration”. 48 thank you for your thoughtful comment! Mr. Hawkins definitely had more than his share of the will to overcome obstacles and to make a difference. I knew a little about him but you certainly have filled in the details that round out an understanding of him and his wife. Sending Angels to you and yours today.