Currently, I have children in college, and I frequently see them pretty upset and disappointed, by the cause of a repetitive cause: they fail make progress with the stats  homework . They have achieved to navigate through the college maze fairly successfully, until they stumble to anything that looks like  math . They can even master their math, but I couldn’t say what is the matter with their statistics, since they are not getting it. They put their heart in, but even, they continue to struggle, without seeing a little light of hope, which could be really deterrent. How come statistics creates this situation in my, otherwise, successful college kids?.

I’m totally convinced that the reason is due to a wrong strategy to teaching stats. I’m an educator and , I can assure, with the concern of being mistaken that I absolutely recognize the cause of the problem, and it really surprises me that no one mentions it really. It happens that kids in reality are not punishable of the massacre we can see at any reputable stats course. Because, let’s go to the bottom of it, many students face some very elementary needs, and it is enough for them to repeat formulas like a parrot. It is really easy to go through a class that way, almost with no scars, but you go figure what  do  they truly learn out of it. And then you find those that have to face some teachers that seem to believe that their students are some form of experts, and will designate an extraordinary amount of statistics  homework . Youngsters sink afterward. Why? I still haven’t reached the answer, right? But in reality, students are not told the whole history. They are stated to think that statistics is a kind of full-scale course that starts with its own principles and all you need to figure things out, but that is not the truth. In order to successfully undergo a serious statistics course you must first understand Probability. Period. How were you supposed to understand Part 2 of a novel if you don’t read the first part? It happens the same way with probability and statistics, where the latter is the logical and essential prolongation of the other. I have invariably marveled why they  do  it. And then they complain because a big portion of students are trying to find statistics  homework  help online, because they are not able to find it in their own class room, because they are pressured to understand of a story without knowledge of the beginning of it.

Is there any way to find the result to the problem? College planners make their plans in the ethereal world, dreaming of the ideal requirements for some specific degrees. They have in mind some preconceived ideas of how the curricula should be designed, but it tends to fail miserably a lot of times. They construct their big plans in the air and in their dreams they want to demand students to have these and those talents, but they don’t seem to understand the essence of a process that leads to the true expertness. They want to form “experts” in statistics, but they want that expertise to be acquired from thin air. No questions the time of change has arrived, and it will be irreversible. We claim things to be reconsidered, leastwise what it comes to  math  education.