Where Can You Buy Smokeless Cigarettes

People smoke for various reasons. It’s rare that you currently smoke for the same reason that you started smoking in the first place. As you read through this article you will find the reason that you smoke and be able to decide on a course of action to become a non smoker. Where Can You Buy Smokeless Cigarettes

Why did you start to smoke? You may come up with some surface or flippant reasons but you probably know they aren’t the real reason you began your love affair with cigarettes. The reason why everyone starts to smoke is usually the same. You started to smoke so that you could fit in.

What is fitting in? It’s sometimes referred to as peer pressure. It’s the need to belong. If you view us as an animal species, you can call us a herd animal. We have to be part of a group, family, nation, etc. It is so instinctual within us that we will go to great lengths to follow along to be part of the group. Even to the great length of going against what we thought our values were. You might have vowed never to smoke, thought it was a dirty and silly habit, and then guess what, you became a smoker anyway!

The need to fit in and belong is greatest when we are in a situation where we are lacking support. The support structure that we knew most of our life, family, is usually around as we grow up. But then we move away to college and, poof! that support is no longer there. We need to fit in to feel safe. The age at which we go off to college is also a time of rebellion. We are spreading our wings and transitioning to adulthood. Where Can You Buy Smokeless Cigarettes

Think about this for a moment and you’ll see how society plays a part to help us become smokers. Of course they do it to protect us and believe they are keeping us safe, but it becomes a reason to smoke. Did you know that smoking is identified with grown up behavior? And the government unwittingly conspires to program us to think of smoking as the sign of being a grown up. In most places you must be 18 in order to buy cigarettes. And every time a child sees that sign they equate cigarettes and smoking with being an adult. There’s no way to avoid that connection.

So what’s the easiest way to become a grown up? Smoke a cigarette that’s how. So we now have two very powerful motivators coming together at a very susceptible time and age. You get pushed over the edge and you can’t help but try out smoking to see how it fits.

But these are simple programming models. This is what we call social hypnosis combined with instinctual behavior. There are other instincts at work to help you not smoke as well. That is the instinct to run from smoke and fire. In the past you had to learn to allow an intense irritant to bathe your sensitive lung tissue. Your body rejected it at first, but your mind overrode that rejection. So we know how very powerful your mind is and how you can easily control powerful instinctual behavior. When you put your mind to it!

So take the information in this article and make sense out of it. Because a change of this magnitude, becoming a nonsmoker, requires a change in attitude, beliefs, and identity. And it has to start with your determined desire combined with action to stop smoking cigarettes forever. And it’s easier than you thought it would be if you use your mind correctly. Where Can You Buy Smokeless Cigarettes