Where were you when he was elected?

Two years from now when this is over we will ask each other “where were you when he was elected”. I remember election day like it was yesterday. That entire morning anticipation filled the entire country. It was like being ripped out of reality and sent back 100 years and the past, or worse like the past had been forgotten. The wait was killing me until finally the first votes were in.

The race was close in the beginning. Too close for comfort so I decided to turn off the T.V. About an hour later purely out of habit I pulled my phone out of my pocket and was back on the internet. At this point things were really starting not to go Hillarys’ way, and ultimately she ended up coming back out on stage and giving a participation speech. That to me was the moment America began to stand up one by one and the resistance was born. In coming weeks protest spread across the country in a wildfire fashion fuel by the tweets of the soon to be POTUS. More time past before the inauguration and Donald gave us more and more hate filled rhetoric.

This opened up the eyes of many like minded people in immediate recognition of a new Fascist regime that needed to be stopped. When the time finally came and Obama passed the torch, that anticipation that had filled the country months earlier in the election turned into anxiety. An anxiety that will only be cured when he is removed from office. While the rest of the World watched eagerly and condemned what was going on it still continued. The resistance continues to grow spreading hope to people being oppressed around the entire world, and for Trump by calling Mexicans murders and rapist. Telling crowds that the best ones stayed in Mexico. By proposing a Muslim ban then defending that it is not a Muslim ban. Even his own family. He speaks of his daughter like she is a accessory. He speaks of his wife only when asked and keeps her voice very minimum.

His words of hatred are coming back around to collect, and I’m not sure if he can pay for it all. As we approach mid- term election and ask each other “were you when he was elected” Trump cant help but think “where should I have been”. Affairs and collusion plague Trump with no medicine other than the late night twitter relief. I imagine there was a time in Trumps life when the people in the room he stands in didn’t change that often, but privilege and hatred has taken control of his moral values. In conclusion time is undefeated and Karma is unforgiving. Our collective love and passion for what is good will defeat Trump.

Patients and composure are our best defense. Voting and spreading the word is our best offense. Tomorrow is a day of peace where the sun rises and everything under it is good. Where we aren’t afraid to let our children to go outside, so that they can enjoy the benefits of living in the best country in the world.