The new gadget entered the market on 29 June, 2007 and since then has mesmerized and revolutionized the way people think of a mobile phone.
The iPhone was presented as an advanced phone, a revolutionary INTERNET tool and as the best iPod on the market.

More than a phone, the iPhone can be used as an INTERNET tool, as a an iPod, as a GPS, as a camera and also as an entertainment tool.
If the fine line, the slim look and the shinny touch make the iPhone a very fashionable gadget, the 3.5 inch touchscreen makes it a very easy to use multimedia tool.
The touchscreen is made out off scratch resistant glass, being very resistant to shocks.

Moreover, the Safari browser makes it easy and enjoyable for the user to navigate on Internet.
The iPhone native browser is similar to Mac OSX and allows the user to view web pages both in portrait and landscape mode.

The battery life can go up to 300 hours in standby and up to 10 hour of talk, being one of the most durable batteries on the market.
On the other hand, the battery is internal rechargeable and cant not be replaced by the user.
Even more, the iPhone presents itself with Bluetooth and WI-FI connections and with the possibility to watch TV.

The above features and much more have put serious pressure on the competition, especially on RIM – the Blackberry producer and have created a new standard on the smart phone market.

But do we really need all these features?
For the gadget fanatics that know to appreciate and use them, the iPhone may be a dream come true, but for an ordinary user, like myself, all these technicalities may be a little too much.
I agree that it is easy to use and shinny enough to impress my friends, but why choose a GPS, an iPod, an Internet tool and a photo camera all in a phone, when all that I need is to talk to my friends and some times, to send them messages?

A friend answered that “It may come in handy!”. But let’s face it! the camera with its 2 MP does not match a real photo camera, the Internet feature isn’t better than my laptop, the GPS feature can not compete with the screen and possibilities of an actual GPS, and when it comes to iPod I simply can’t give up my pink real iPod.

On the other hand, the world is changing and we should change too to catch it up, if we don’t want to fall behind.
And, I do agree that it may come in handy in my daily activities when I don’t have my other gadgets around, and no matter how affectionate I am with my old – fashion phone my needs have changed.
All that is left to do in this case , is to enjoy and benefit from the technological advances of the moment, to enjoy the iPhone, as tomorrow may be the rise of another super – smart gadget.