As a student I just can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on an expensive computer. Although part of my degree involves broadcasting I know I can get by with using the expensive editing equipment at university instead of updating my home computer with all the mod cons. All I need is a cheap computer to keep in my dorm room that I can write my assignments on, none of that fancy laptop stuff. After all I don’t want to have to carry a heavy lump of equipment around with me when a pen and paper will do just fine for taking notes.

It’s so easy to be tempted into buying a gorgeous shiny new laptop when you’re browsing for a PC. Wafer thin Apple Mac laptops and business like Toshiba’s reflect your drooling face right back at you but you must not succumb. Gone are the days of huge power house PC’s greedily consuming your workspace like a fat hippo, forcing you to find inventive places for your pencil holder and document stack. All you need now is a wafer thin monitor, a cordless keyboard, a mouse and a suave black monitor that you can simply slide in under your desk.

It is usually the tangle of cords that finally repulse the PC user. They are seduced by the cordless simplicity of a laptop and its endless movable possibilities. Watching movies in bed, always having a computer to type out last minute   essay  when you know all the library computers are going to be taken and being able to revise with your downloaded notes at a friend’s house. Even explaining the benefits is starting to persuade me over to laptop land but let us not forget the hindrances of the snap shut slabs.

Laptops have a much shorter shelf life than PC’s. If you look after your PC as well as a laptop by making sure you have the right virus protection software and that you clean the disk drives and keyboard regularly then you should find that a computer should last you many more years. Laptops are easily dropped and broken as they are much more fragile than PC’s are. They are also highly attractive to thieves if you are using one in a public place. Most laptops are heavy and carrying them around can do serious damage to your back if not carried properly. Many laptop cases only reflect practicality to certain levels. Sure its handy to have a million pockets for all of the little things you carry around with you like phones and paperclips but shoulder straps only really lead down one road and that my friend is the road to back pain. I would much rather spend my money on a nice office chair than a fancy computer case; the former will be much better for your future health. Just think of the money that you will save on future chiropractic and osteopathic treatments!

Before accusations of hypochondria are thrown at me I implore you to ask anyone who has being carrying a laptop for over two years about the state of their spine and I am sure you will find that they agree. I’m a student and I want to save my money to spend on worthwhile pursuits like holidays and drinking, not more work, I’m spending over £3000 on that a year already and I’d rather dry off my splashes than make more.