Recent statistics affirmed that by the beginning of 2010, the number of cars all over the world will be very close to ONE MILLION. That is a very big number.

Let’s prove the survey. In average, every 7th person in America possesses a car. So having a driver’s license and owning a car is still a privilege, a right or it’s already a must? Thomas Jefferson said: “You have only the rights that you are willing to fight and die for”. Are you ready to die for your Ford F-150? I hope not!!

Talking objectively on this topic most of us would say – a privilege. But why the privilege does have to come with such BIG responsibility? From the day you passed your driving exam and received your driving license you’ve taken on your back a bunch of new have to do like driving safe, obeying traffic law, respecting the rights of other drivers, parking in the right place and etc… In general, being a driver of a car means having at least a little idea on how your vehicle would work best and what are its limitations.

Also this “privilege” requires a financial responsibility. Every driver needs to have automobile insurance that covers any potential damages or injuries he or she causes. You must also to budget for the car, which is a lot of money, for maintenance purposes like oil change and regular tune-ups.

Safe driving suits best with a good attitude. We are influenced by our daily activities – exterior factors like troubles at work or in the family which can stress us a lot. So the driver must be able to isolate himself from all bad emotions – tiredness, apathy, depression and a lot more. He or She must concentrate only on the road. It is very important and to be able to control your vehicle not only physically, but also mentally as well.

Never ever drive while intoxicated. 6,000 teens die each year from injuries caused by car accidents, according to the NHTSA. Does this mean that the government is giving licenses for people to kill on the road? No. That is not how to look at it. Having a license, hence, its value as a privilege has limitations. Everyone is given the chance. Taking the written test and perfecting the driving exam is up to the person being given the opportunity. Afterwards, when the license is released, the privileged driver is on his own. Due care is imminent to protect lives and be grateful of the driving privilege.