Speaking of fast food, there is no doubt its popularity all over the world; it is closely related with our daily life. Sometimes, I can’t help thinking why it is so prevailing. As my opinion, it is mainly due to the fast pace of our life. In such a competitive society, everyone are pressed for time, they have too much work to day in every day. Take myself for instance, I work in a foreign company and I fell I am under pressure because I have a heavy workload each day, so that I order take away sometimes to save some time for work.

Fast food as new thing became more popular in China now, I think the main reason is that fast food is convenience for people working and living, especially popular in young people, be fit for their fast living speed. Even though from health point of view, most fast food are junk food, when restaurants were cooking food they ignore health of consumers.

There is no doubt that fast food has been a part of our lives. As for me, even though i know it’s not good to us, I also like it especially McDonald’s… I think it’s delicious… what I can do now is just to control myself.

As its name suggests, it can be prepared fast, most of people have to go to job on time, so the fast food is the better choice. But from the nutrition, the fast food couldn’t meet the human being’s daily nutrient necessary. Eating a long time, which will make the people innutrition? So as for the fast food, we’re better taking it by chance.

On the other hand, it’s also have disadvantage of the fast food that can’t contain much nutrition, so people can’t refresh their power of body. What worse some fast food harms for people’s health. So in my opinion fast food should eating when there is really make in time it’s not essential food.

Fast food is very convenience for everyone, especially is 9 to 5 officer people. But the nutritional value of the fast food is very poor. For you and your family health, fast food try to eat less is good for all people.