It is reported that smartphone has become the kinetic energy of cell phone change. The latest statistical data made by Gartner show that the total number of cell phone shipments had reached to 1.211 billion last year in the world. Compare to the previous year, it has decline about 0.9%. That is to say the global cell phone market is nearly saturated. However, smartphone is Just Getting Started. Last year, the number of smartphone shipments was 17200 million with an annual growth rate of 23.8%. Until 2015, this number will increase to 2.5billion. Analyst in the industry also prospected that smartphone will be in a greater market this year, and China market will be the biggest market for smartphones.

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Thus, here comes the question: Why Smartphone so popular?
Firstly, we can read a report made by Dixon, it is shown that there are 60% businessmen among the 50.2%of consumers who attach more importance to consume experience care more about the texture, appearance, 3G video and large capacity network application. And the other 35% consumers are mostly students. Besides products’ performance, appearance and price, this consumer group also asks for practical preassemble software, such as UC, HoHoo, QQ and Sina Micro-Blog for QQ MSN, video and photograph functions.
From this data, we can learn that internet applications and service are the key factors to maintain the cell phone market. With the popularity of mobile phone use, the development of cell phone will increasingly group. There are several demands that people attach more emphasis. First is personal entertainment. The second is communication service. And the third is certainly the software in the phone. The forth is about the price. With more and more advanced technology,  the price of cell phone is getting lower and lower. people  are looking for cheap mobile phone with good quality. PDA smartphones possess these internet application software and comprehensive service support which exactly meet the customers’ needs. That is why smartphones are getting more and more popular. With the development of 3G cell phone, to increase the performances and maintain competitive price of smartphone has become the top-priority problem to be considered for manufacturers. Therefore, Smartphone will lead the cell phone market with its advantages and updating performance. More and more people choose a PDA smartphone for personal communication and entertainment needs.

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