Everyone has a life story unfortunately not enough of those stories are shared with the world. If monkeys can reproduce the works of Shakespeare why cant I write a simple 200 page novel? Where would television be without writers? Would there be any religion if the holy books were never written? Schooling would be pointless how could we be taught without the written word? Writing gives us the history of the world, without writers our knowledge of past events would be passed from mouth to mouth and we all know how a game of Chinese whispers turn out. From the simple cave paintings of stone age man to the intricate Internet code of today, writing has been a major part of human evolution and has to be considered almost as important to us as breathing. Would You Write Your Auto Biography? Biographies are big business and most bookstores have whole sections devoted to them. Could you write your life story? Even if you did write your life story who would want to read about someone that they have never heard about?

I would write my own story but it would cause too much hurt and bad feeling in my family that should be left where it is in the past. Could you Write Fiction? Writing Fiction allows the author to free their imagination create their own characters, locations and situations, you can be as adventurous as you dare, you can add suspense, romance, murder, action, comedy anything that your imagination allows. I have a thousand stories running around in my head but my written work gramatically speaking is just not up to par . Hubpages is in essence an article submission website where you can write anything that you want to within certain boundaries, poetry, short stories, product reviews, how to guides, and many other articles can be found on the site. I believe that if I had published my hubs anywhere else there is no way on earth I would have had the success that Hubpages has given me.

Hubpages gives me an outlet for my writing and a readership that is second to none. The staff are fantastic, upfront and truthful when it comes to asking for advice the are a very friendly bunch who really care about the entire hubpages community. The Hubpages Authors are the greatest community of people on the Internet. I may not be the best writer in the world but Hubpages and the Hubpages Authors make me feel like I am sometimes. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Do you go back and reread what you have published here on HubPages? This is one that I would reread if I had written it. It contains thoughts that I would want to be reminded of and consider.

You have stated well how I feel about HP. It has become a place where I can express my thoughts and ideas and have others comment as they feel about them. I have always loved writing and writing in this forum for me seems to me that I can only improve. Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy New Year on this second day of the New Year. 5 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Even if written a while ago, the information is still valid. Thank you for the info. I would be lost without writing, and of course reading! I think you should give fiction a shot, your writing doesn’t have to be perfect if you have a great story to tell. This is a really great hub. I’m new to HubPages but I feel the same way about this site and what it has to offer. I also agree on the importance of writing, even though it tends to be underrated. Well written and well said. Thanks for this hub, Jimmy.