span style=”font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman";”>God has created lots of peoples in the universe. Different peoples have different creativity but such a man who has got thousands of creativities in one brain is really something. He is by born talented. The time I heard that there was a person like I was curious to know about him. After knowing about him he became my favourite. William Shakespeare was a shining star in the sky of English literature that had created a history by sorting out some problems of human beings and tried to solve them. He was the greatest dramatist and poet in the world. He led his life very simply, cleanly and controlled which were the best fascinations at that time. He was born in 1564 in Stratford in England in the village of Port Avon. From his childhood, he was sincere and mild-hearted. He was intelligent and uncommon genius. He had written a number of tragedy drama and romantic comedy. He had had the recognition of the world as a world-class author, which stirs the mind of the readers for all time in the history. He died in 1616. .
In this book, there is no doubt that Macbeth is a tragic hero. The flow, which brings about his downfall, is ambition. The evil in him is symbolized by ambition and ambition was one of the main vices of the devil that brought about a mischievous destruction in the character of Macbeth where he had become boosted by being enterprises by the supernatural sprits. Shakespeare has treated ambition in this context as a pride, jealous and rebellion against the will of God. Macbeth had killed his just king for pelf and power and ultimately he inflicted the realms of frustration and the abuses of the people who were the silent evidences of his evil doings.

It is one of the Shakespeare’s finest comedies which has occupied a great space of pleasure, romanticism and the gist of the contrast between the two groups of the people who are the citizens of two different strategies of life. One seeks pleasure in midst of luxurious life and the other is accustomed to live in the forest of Arden where peace and tranquility of love under the Greenwood tree is very much based on illuminating conflagration. This play gives us plenty of gaiety, mirth and joyousness of romanticism. It keeps the readers happy and laughing most of the time because of the abundance in it of wit and humor. As you like it represents a number of characters that are the center point of the source of wit and humor. The Romantic Rosalind, Celia, Touchstone and cynical Jacques are the characters of the play who deal with wit and humor.
It is a tragedy where the consequence of over ambitious man has been vividly envisaged. Caesar was a just ruler who was dedicated for the well beings of the people. Brutus, one of the courteous of Caesar being jealous had killed Caesar, which inflicted dangerous misfortune of Brutus.
It is a story about two merchants in Venice who are very much influential personalities in respect of business and wealth. The two persons were Antonio and Shylock. Bassanio was the friend of Antonio. He needed money in order to impress the beauty of Portia who was famous for her intelligence and ready wit. On behalf of Bassanio, he borrowed money from Shylock on the basis of a strange bond. The bond envisages that in case of failure in making repayment within the stipulated time, Shylock would cut one pound flesh from any part of Antonio’s body. In the last part of the story, the fatal consequences of Shylock have been vividly described.


It is a story of tragedy where Hamlet was tormented with mental thoughts about the conflicts regarding his father’s death. He came to learn by the miracle message by his father’s ghost spirit. His mother had married with his uncle who had actually killed his father. By dint of his indomitable will and hardihood, he had revenged upon them.

I Like His Books

The way Shakespeare writes his plays and books is unparalleled. His style of writing is totally different from others. As he is always exceptional to me and I have read many of his books so I should rather say that he is a great author.