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I think one of the neatest features about Word (and really the entire Office Suite) is the SmartArt Graphics. I regularly use these in my documents to draw a linear progression between my ideas. I have used them as a student in college to help me brainstorm, and in my professional life by drawing an organizational chart for my unit, subordinate units, as well as the workflow within my office space. A company might use Word’s SmartArt graphics to display statistical data, processes for work, or other information they wish to convey to a customer through a flyer, though I would imagine that a professional design or publishing program would be used by most companies to achieve this and stay original.

The SmartArt system is really easy to use and very easy to comprehend – it is modeled upon a bullet based system which allows you to assign and display hierarchical meaning. Because of this setup it is really easy to promote and demote boxes to best suit your needs. For instance if a company has a hierarchy leader poster or something showing all the leaders in an organization, you can demote/promote members easily without losing the data and it will automatically reformat the SmartArt to fit the original layout (as best as a computer can that is!)The themes and colors are (for the most part) really well complementing to any document style, and if you don’t find something you like (as a default) then it you can also choose your own colors and styles.



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SmartArt lets you use both “shapes and text to create informative lists, matrices, pyramids, and more” (“Working with SmartArt Graphics | Working with Shapes and SmartArt in Microsoft Office 2013 | Que,” n.d.). I have used SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft Word to create a family tree and other things for various personal and school projects. I used the Hierarchy layout for my family tree. Businesses can use SmartArt Graphics to simplify various tasks. Businesses can quickly create professional looking diagrams using the different SmartArt layouts. (K2 Enterprises, n.d.). “SmartArt layouts range from lists to organization charts to step-by-step processes” (K2 Enterprises, n.d.).

I didn’t struggle with anything. Microsoft Word makes it extremely easy to insert SmartArt Graphics and format them however you want them to look. Something that I learned new that was exciting was that when you switch to a new “SmartArt graphic layout, most of your text and other content, colors, styles, effects, and text formatting are” switched over to the new layout. (“Choose a SmartArt graphic – Office Support,” n.d.). SmartArt is very useful for not only businesses but for personal use as well. I look forward to playing around with the different SmartArt graphics in Microsoft word 2013 to see what all I can create using them.

Nicholi Webb