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Private colleges have always had the freedom to take whomever they want to take. And state legislators, too, have the freedom to say how many or few international students should be in each class, and how much money the state is willing to pay for out-of-state students on their tax dollar. Do you think students should think twice about enrolling in schools that have, literally thousands or hundreds or students from their own countries? Doesn’t this represent a huge challenge to these students to escape the bubble of just communicating with students from their own country? I tell the Chinese students that I work with that if they want to go UCLA they might as well save their money and stay in China… they won’t know the difference. Do your international students tell you if they face racism or xenophobia on campuses? Should this be a big concern? The Mainland Chinese and Korean students are so thrilled to be in the USA, that they don’t care if they fit in or not – if it’s an acceptable ranking to them.