Writing Classes – How They Can Accelerate Your Writing Progress


Writing classes provide a wonderful opportunity to be able to meet other like-minded creative people who wish to develop their own writing skills. Within any writing classes, there will be people attending from a variety of backgrounds and also with a multitude of experience. In addition to learning from a qualified and experienced teacher, the opportunities to forge strong bonds with others who attend the writing classes are an added benefit.


Some writing classes specialise in niche subjects such as article writing or writing fiction for example, whilst other writing classes are more generic and cover an introduction to creative writing in general. If you are seriously considering joining a local class then think about the following:

–         If you have limited writing experience, it would be worth joining a generic class so that you receive an introduction to the main writing types. If you have a strong leaning towards a certain style of writing such as fiction, then it may be worth focussing all of your learning in that one area. There are often smaller specialist classes available.

–         Go with an open mind. Even if you have some experience in your chosen field, there will often be much that can be learned or improved.

–         Writing classes can help reduce any pre-imposed limitations that we may have set upon ourselves. Quite often we feel that we are not good enough or experienced enough to try certain writing topics or we are going to feel inadequate in comparison with others, but a good writing teacher can help to overcome these self –doubts.

–         Writing classes also provide the opportunity to work closely with other students and because writing can be very lonely and isolating at times, if rapport is built with other writers then this can make it not only more enjoyable but more productive.

–         Be prepared to receive homework on a regular basis. Classes are likely to be only for a few hours a week so it is important to continue your development whilst at home and in your own time. Having homework provided will promote a greater discipline to your writing in general.

If there are no classes locally to you, then it is worth considering taking an online course, although you do lose having the face to face connection and support with others, the guidance is continuous and the knowledge received is immense and as such, it is a much more positive option to not attending any writing classes at all.