Yamaha India got back at the beginning of 2008 with some of the boldest unveilings at the Auto Expo. The YZF-R15 stopped heartbeats, slapped Yamaha’s critics in the face and brought Japanese motorcycles back onto the list of the most desired bikes in the Indian market.

The biggest doubt surrounding the Yamaha R15 before its launch was its performance, primarily because it utilizes a mere 150cc motor which has originated from a step-through in other Asian countries.

But after the track test, the R15 answered all questions with the most honest explanation any performance bike can give lap time. It is not only the fastest bike among the lot but the easiest to ride as well. So easy that the rider can point and shoot the bike into corners, make an error and still manage to get away with it.

It also has all the elements that today’s youth want including a full-faired body kit, twin cat-eyed headlights, clip-on handlebars, a digital console, a grunty exhaust note and brag rights in terms of acceleration and top speed.

Plus, state-of-the-art technology like the DiASiI cylinder, liquid cooling and four-valves for its single cylinder mill make sure that the R15 carves out a niche for itself in every respect.

The YZF-R15 has shocked the entire Indian motorcycle industry with its blend of performance, style and mass appeal. The Yamaha R15 does from a 150cc motor what other bikes can’t do even with 220ccs at their disposal.

Motorcycles in this segment as well as a segment above it, can only dream of achieving the R15’s precise handling. The bike is a technology showcase by itself and has pushed its component manufacturers to develop new technologies and products.

The Yamaha R15 outclasses its rivals with better power, more focus on performance, mass appealing aesthetics and a segment redefining feature list.