“The Ministry of Health in Angola has reported an ongoing outbreak of yellow fever in Luanda Province. The outbreak started in December 2015 in Viana Municipality, a suburb of the capital city of Luanda, and has since spread to other municipalities in the province. Since that time, additional cases have been reported in the provinces of Kwanza Sul, Huambo, and Huila. As of June 13th, 2,954 suspected and confirmed cases have been reported nationally, including 328 deaths . Laboratory confirmation of yellow fever has been obtained for a number of cases. The Ministry of Health is working with the World Health Organization to control the outbreak and has initiated an emergency vaccination campaign in Viana Municipality, with plans to possibly extend the campaign to the entire Luanda Province.”  http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/watch/yellow-fever-angola (Links to an external site.)

Since the outbreak response team in SS 2016 PH 8001 responded so successfully to a yellow fever outbreak in Liberia, the Minister of Health in Angola has requested your analysis of your outbreak response and your recommendations to prevent further cases in Angola.


[Here, revisit your notes and discussion of the yellow fever outbreak tabletop.  Ask yourselves:  

  • What preparations were in place?
  • What actually happened? (facts not judgments)
  • What went well and why?


[What can be improved?  Describe what emergency response preparations need to be in place.  Preparations should be described in terms of 1) detection, 2) preparedness, and 3) response. ]


[Summarize your key recommendations in bulleted list – each recommendation should start with a verb. Recommendations should flow from your Background and Assessment discussions]


[Use APA format for references.  In text citation (author date) and list them here]