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Being an in-game guide, it saves the layer from the time to waste to alt + tab just to see the next step to follow after every quests or battles. This characteristic of this guide makes it easier and faster for players to learn efficient tactics to level up at the shortest possible time.

Zygor Guide is neutral faction. It offers comprehensive and easy to understand tips for both Alliance and Horde type characters. It is detailed in a step by step fashion, no intrusive and very user- friendly. With this guide, you can definitely enjoy your gaming moments in the World of Warcraft.

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Being a step-by-step fashioned guide, it is easy to follow. It would tell you the exact places you need to go, characters whom you need to talk to, what quests you need to take on, the monsters to kill, the exact items you need to gather, and how many of each kind you need to collect. It is like a personal tour guide on your every quest.

I could not think of any other guides to stand up close to the quality of this guide. In terms of efficiency, user-friendly, updates, step by step guide, it is by far the best leveling guide. Before you doubt on this guide, you must see it for yourself. It is easy to install and you will be astonished to know that it is running in no time.